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Everyone has a chapter in their story that can bring {HOPE} and encouragement to others. But how do you process, heal, and grow so you can tell that story? Take this interactive journey to discover your chapter, find renewal, and pursue your passion once again.



your life matters!

Remember how lost you felt during difficult times in your life? What if there was someone who said, "I've been are not alone. I will walk this journey with you." YOU can be that person to someone else.

You Can Conquer..

You can Overcome

the storms of life

Everyone goes through life storms. While your storm may look different than mine, there is {HOPE} after the clouds pass.


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What you will learn

Your Chapter of {HOPE}

Your life is a collection of chapters: the events and people and stories that shaped and defined you. Sometimes, when difficult circumstances occur, you can get stuck in one chapter.

5 Steps to {HOPE}

This is not just a book, but an interactive journey with activities and journaling prompts designed to help you discover, record, and make sense of chapters in your story. Walk through the five-step process toward hope.


Learn how to face the reality of your story and discover chapters you may have forgotten.


Many times after we experience a difficult Chapter, we run to fix it. Sometimes pausing is the best way to find your new path.

Be Inspired

Sometimes we just need a little dose of encouragement to keep pushing forward.


Discover your gifts and passions while starting on a journey to overcome.


Release what holds you back and get organized so you can pursue your dream.


It’s time to share your story. Tell about your Chapter to help others find {HOPE}.

Samples from the book

 This is not a book you can complete in one sitting—it is an interactive journey you will walk through at your own pace. It is a five-step journey toward {HOPE} that also includes a parable, encouragement as the author shares her story, challenges to complete, and inspirational ideas to help you overcome your own Chapter.


Do you need HOPE?

Hello, I am Stephanie Tillman. For over 10 years I have been on the road to discover who I am. Some people knew me as the homeless addict, others as the CEO of an award-winning company, but those were not the “me” I was created to be. It was a long journey to find the true Stephanie—a road full of valleys, mountains, twists, turns, and many pauses. Yet, now I know I was born to be a storyteller, a motivator, a promoter, a creator, a visionary, and a connector. But more importantly, I know I AM WORTHY. Today, I use my purpose to help others find theirs through sharing stories.

This is the story of my identity search and how I learned to overcome the chapters in my life while discovering hope along the way. I believe everyone has a story and can find hope within it. I also believe our stories are meant to help others find {HOPE}.

This book is divided into five sections to help you discover, record, and make sense of chapters in your own story:
REALITY: Face your story
REALIGN: Discover your gifts and passions
RENEW: Define your vision
REBUILD: Pursue your dream
REVEAL: Share your story to share hope

You may wonder why you should even tell your story. In order to overcome a painful chapter in your life, you must first talk about it—the darkness of the past only grows fear, regret, and shame. The only way to defeat them is to bring your story into the light.


After you finish writing your chapter, it is important that you acknowledge and take full ownership of what happened. Quite honestly, this process will look different for everyone, but here are some questions that may help.

Record the answers to these questions:

Let yourself speak about what happened. Tell yourself that it happened. For example, “I was abandoned by my husband after 12 years of marriage” or “Because of my decision to spend money beyond my means, I am in a financial crisis that leaves my children feeling betrayed.”

Tell yourself how the chapter affected your feelings: “I feel so angry” or “I feel shame.”

Tell yourself how the chapter is affecting your life. “Now I cannot drive past the road with that hotel because he had his affair there” or “Now I am afraid to answer my phone because creditors are trying to track me down.”

As you have gone through these steps, you are probably experiencing a range of emotions. That is very normal—it is part of the grieving process. Feelings typically associated with the grief cycle are denial, shock, anger, bargaining, guilt, and sadness. Go ahead and feel these emotions, embrace them. It is not until you have faced your reality and all its accompanying thoughts and emotions that you will be ready to move forward.

My Story

I was six years old when my parents divorced, an incident that split my life into two worlds. My parents tried to make the relationship work, but it did not happen. I lived with my father, but every summer I flew to Florida to visit my mother.

Today, as a wife and mother, I see the situation differently than the 6-year-old Stephanie did. I now know that relationships are complicated and sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys. However, to the little girl Stephanie, the only thing I felt was that I was unworthy of the love I so desperately desired. In school, I made decent grades and managed to stay out of trouble, but it was never enough to fill the void in my heart.

By the time I was 21, I was tired of trying to please others. I began drinking and partying in an attempt to prove I was in control of my life, but in reality, I was simply trying to fill the unworthiness void in my life. I met my boyfriend, Shomari, who began selling drugs shortly before our daughter was born.

Then two years after our second child, a son, was born, Shomari’s mother invited me to attend church with her. I was incredibly hesitant and skeptical, but I finally agreed. That night, a girl gave her testimony about almost dying of a drug overdose. Her story pierced my damaged heart with the light of Christ and in that moment, my heart changed and I gave up my old lifestyle to follow Jesus.

Hearing this stranger’s story set my life on a new path, a path that would form the beginnings of who I am today.

A Parable

The Bookmaker

Once upon a time, there was a great bookmaker. This bookmaker was the most revered craftsman in all the land. People would come from miles away to see his extensive library and gaze upon the glorious stories in his handcrafted books. The kingdom would rejoice each time the Bookmaker rang his bell because they knew he was adding another book to his grand library.

Each book was unique and unlike any other book he created.Each one was bound with special fibers chosen to best hold the wonderful story that would be told inside. Some were made out of the finest silk, others out of the sturdiest leather. Some had thousands of pages of handmade paper, and some had just a few pages, but regardless of the number of pages, the strong and gentle hands of the great Bookmaker lovingly selected each one.

Many times, the Bookmaker would pause to enjoy the wonderful stories being told inside each book. Oh, how excited he was to see the pages filled with amazing adventures! Some chapters were full of rejoicing, others of reflecting. Some were very difficult to read. Although he knew when he made each book that these chapters must be written for the story to unfold, it was still hard to read the words of pain, to see the teardrops, and to hear the cries that echoed in each page.

He loved all his stories the same and knew what was happening in each of the millions of books in his grand library. One day as he sat with a steaming cup of tea, he opened a book he had selected off the shelf.  It was a thrilling book with stories of adventure, love, pain, growing up, and grand journeys. A new chapter had just begun to be written.

A few paragraphs in, he noticed something perplexing. There were many words written, but they just kept repeating themselves over and over again. The same words, the same fears, the same anger, the same bitterness, the same tears on every page. Over and over and over again, the same words poured forth.

Choose a chapter

  • Introduction

    - Do you need HOPE? Hello, […]
  • Challenges

    - After you finish writing your […]
  • My Story

    - I was six years old […]
  • A Parable

    - The Bookmaker Once upon a […]

What’s YOUR Chapter? Are you ready to overcome it? Don’t waste more pages in the book of your life because you are stuck in one Chapter.



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Jennie Fredrickson

Jennie Fredrickson

I read this book going in with a professional mindset about what it could do for my clients. I often serve families that have experienced a tragic loss, and when the time comes to begin working through their grief, they don’t know where to begin. “What’s Your Chapter” is an excellent resource providing a story of someone who makes the reader as though the author is holding their hand through this journey. The activities and journaling may seem scary to someone who is unfamiliar with this sort of interaction with mentors or self reflections but again, you feel like the writer is there with you, providing simple instructions and insight as to why each of the assignments are important. I didn't expect to have such a personal connection, crying for nearly the whole book as I worked through my own grief, not related to a loss but rather how unworthy I have felt of God’s love. I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on this book and see how it can change their lives, one chapter at a time. Jennie Fredrickson Funeral Director, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Sue Vicory

Sue Vicory

"I first met Stephanie during the production of my film about our nation's homeless. She and her family had not been out of the Salvation Army shelter long. From our first meeting Stephanie has become the central character in what has turned out to be my life's mission, the My Power of One project. Our story exemplifies the significance that one life has in connection to another. It is a story as old as time but one not to be forgotten!"

Lea Deo

Lea Deo

Stephanie Tillman with {HopeRaisers} was our keynote speaker for our Keller Williams Heartland Partners in Caring 2014 Inspirational Breakfast. She was invaluable in helping us plan our event and create an interactive, fun, inspirational day for our contributors as we celebrated the hope we were able to bring through our organization. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her in planning our event and was so happy with the positive feedback we received from our event. I would love to work with her again and wholeheartedly endorse her. She handled some of the details such as program printing and went well beyond the role of a speaker. Her heart and caring are apparent to anyone who hears her. We had many people who had attended for several years tell us this year was our best event ever.

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About the author



Stephanie has spent the last twelve years of her life overcoming past Chapters and embracing the journey of life. Now, she views each new trial not as a struggle, but as an opportunity to grow and then to teach others what she has learned. Her journey has taken her from being a homeless addict, to the CEO of an award-winning company, to a {HOPE} Raiser in multiple disaster zones. Along the way, she has discovered more about herself, her Creator, and others. Sure it’s a scary road sometimes, but it is the adventure of a lifetime! She has been married to Shomari since 2002 and they have two children.  Learn more at Hope Raiser.


It took a long time for Stephanie to discover the balance between helping others and focusing on her family. She still is not perfect, but she strives each day to make sure her family is her first ministry. She loves watching movies, especially cartoons with great life lessons. Her secret obsession is Veggie Tales—when her kids were younger, she could pretend she was purchasing the videos for them, now she has to admit she buys them for herself.


Stephanie is motivated by gratitude to Christ. She knows He expects nothing of her except her love. His love was such a beautiful gift that she wants everyone to experience it. Also, on the days Stephanie feels like stepping away from ministry and not sharing her story, she remembers how another’s girl’s testimony changed the course of her life forever—and she doesn’t want to miss out on being that girl for someone else. So, she continues on her journey to be “just another girl who wants to impact her world.”

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